Thursday, 3 February 2011

with a sky blue sky...

with a sky blue sky..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 3rd February 2011 - Day 34 of 365

I managed to get out at lunch-time today. It was very sunny and I drove for a fair few miles looking for the shot I wanted of the Malvern Hills.
I found a handy field that gave me roughly what I was after; a clear, unobstructed view without pylons, houses, masts, giant robots, lions, tigers or indeed bears getting in the way...

It's not very often I take infinite zoom, high f-stop landscapes and I was pretty amazed at how it showed up a large number of dust-spots on my sensor... nothing a bit of editing couldn't handle... but still...

Reminded me of:
♫ Sky Blue Sky by Wilco ♫

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