Sunday, 27 February 2011

underneath the bridge...

underneath the bridge..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 27th February 2011 - Day 58 of 365

Yesterday I said that if you squinted at the photo you could see one of the Severn Bridges... Well, your day of squinting is over my friend, because today, on the motorway whilst travelling back from Bristol (where we picked up a table Kate had bought on Ebay), I missed my junction. My "correction route" took us very close to Severn Beach and the end of the old Severn Bridge, so we stopped for a quick walk and I took a couple of shots. The opposite end of this bridge is Wales... but we hadn't had our inoculations, so we didn't cross...

Reminded me of:
♫ Something in the Way by Nirvana ♫

The Daily Shoot - Glowing - The bridge was glowing in the sunshine...

The Sliders Sunday

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