Sunday, 13 February 2011

spot the spider...

spot the spider..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 11th February 2011 - Day 42 of 365

It was a nice day for a lunch time photo trip, but I couldn't think of anything beginning with K for February's Alphabet Fun. Whilst trying to come up with something I took a look at the the local map and found a village, not too far away, called Kinsham... so I took a drive to see what I could find...

I didn't notice the tiny spider until I processed it...

Also someone seems to have kidnapped the Microsoft hill and locked it away...

Happy weekend People!

Reminded me of:
♫ I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes by The Boy Least Likely To ♫

February's Alphabet Fun: 2011 Edition - K is for... - Kinsham (and knackered fence...)

Fence Friday

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