Monday, 7 February 2011

radioactive superhero juice...

365:2011 - 7th February 2011 - Day 38 of 365

Whilst carrying a vial of radioactive green goo home from my local nuclear waste dump, I tripped over a discarded loaf of wholemeal bread. As I fell the the vial flew from my hands, spinning end over end, eventually landing on the immaculately clean and white pavement a few yards ahead of me. For a few hopeful seconds it wobbled on its base, turning and teetering before finally losing its balance and spilling the precious, superpower giving contents all over the, previously mentioned, immaculately clean and white pavement...

I knew I should have put the lid on...

Other than that it was pretty good day...

Inspired by:
♫ Drink the Elixir by Salad ♫

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