Thursday, 13 January 2011

formula one...

formula one..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 12th January 2011 - Day 12 of 365

Just a quick one tonight. Skittles started again (woot)... and we won (woot)... but busyness has meant little time for commenting (sorry)...

Anyhoo... along with Jim, Eva and Tyla I have decided to try and stretch my photography skills (or lack thereof) by joining Lighting Essentials - Project 52:

For Assignment One I need a mission statement... So here it is (drunkenly composed post skittles...):

"Photography provides me with a creative outlet from not-so-creative-anymore career. It makes me happy, it keeps me vaguely sane and I want to get better at it...."

Accompanied by:
♫ The Chain by Fleetwood Mac ♫

The Daily Shoot - Shiny

Our Daily Challenge - The New One - Focal Point

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