Monday, 31 January 2011

evening light...

evening light..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 31st January 2011 - Day 31 of 365

I'm still a bit ill. Not properly ill, just ill enough to whine about it incessantly... I left work early tonight and was happy to find that even at 5:00pm it was still just about light enough to get a photo... 365 always gets easier as the evening lighten up...

Reminded me of:
♫ Evening of the Day by Supergrass ♫

The World Through My Eyes - Monochrome Monday

Sunday, 30 January 2011

ways to make it through the wall...

365:2011 - 30th January 2011 - Day 30 of 365

I made the mistake of going out last night, even though I knew I had a cold coming... It was fun, it was a late one and for some, it was a messy one; I wonder if Amy will remember her birthday bash? But a hangover on top of a sore throat means that I feel a bit ropey today...

However, I did manage to drag myself from my death-pit and go for a drive for a couple of shots...

Reminded me of:
♫ Ways To Make It Through The Wall by Los Campesinos ♫ <-- They are playing in Gloucester on Tuesday... w00t!

The Sliders Sunday

where to start?..

where to start?.., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 29th January 2011 - Day 29 of 365

Today I bought an axe... Let the good times roll...

Accompanied by:
♫ Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs ♫

Inspired by:
Wolf Choir

Flickr Group Roulette - Wolfy Genius

Friday, 28 January 2011

attention! low voltage...

attention! low voltage..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 28th January 2011 - Day 28 of 365

Post and run... Skittles tonight... More (drunken) ramblings later...

So I went to skittles and lose we did... but it is OK because we had fun... and that is what it is all about...


This was taken up Bredon Hill not far from where Wendesday's was taken. I liked the sign and felt I should come back for it...

I didn't touch it, because I'm a wuss like that, but just behind me where I took this I saw a sheep walk between the wires... so I'm not sure anyone switched it on...

A bit drunk now, so going to randomly comment on some poor unsuspecting Flickrites...

Happy Weekend and and HFF!

Accompanied by:
♫ Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six ♫

Fence Friday

Thursday, 27 January 2011

ruins: medieval and modern...

365:2011 - 27th January 2011 - Day 27 of 365

Following a visit to the chiropractor this morning I was able to get a few shot of Gloucester City. These shots represent the ruins of Gloucester.

The "modern" ruin in the background of these shots is the empty shell of Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology, where I began my education in engineering... It has been closed for a number of years...

The medieval ruin in the foreground of these shots is all that remains of Greyfriars, a Franciscan monastery. I don't think they taught mechanical engineering, but it has been closed for a number of years... about 473 years...

Accompanied by:
♫ History by The Verve ♫

The Rogue Players - Let's Get Dippy....

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

power to the people...

power to the people..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 26th January 2011 - Day 26 of 365

Managed to briefly get out at lunch time. Went up a hill, took some photos before it started raining. I also found a good contender for a future fence Friday too... W00t!

Not commenting much at the mo'. Hope to catch up with Flickr soon. Very busy.

In other news: A website blogged about my 365: Shutter Salt... Yay!

Accompanied by:
♫ Power Doesn't Run On Nothing by The Thermals ♫

Our Daily Challenge - Lines

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

connection to what?

connection to what?, originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 25th January 2011 - Day 25 of 365

Just a quick one today. 'Twas a long day at work...

This is hanging out of a wall at home... I'm pretty sure it's redundant, but am I sure enough to chop it out?..

Accompanied by:
♫ Connection by Elastica ♫

The Rogue Players - Pick a word, any word...

Our Daily Challenge - Side by Side

Monday, 24 January 2011

where did the time go...

where did the time go..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.
365:2011 - 24th January 2011 - Day 24 of 365

This was my watch.

For many years he accompanied through life, lightly hugging my left wrist, supporting me through whatever my late teens, twenties and early thirties could throw at me.

During my exams at school he sat on my desk cheering me on. Through college and university he sometimes woke me for lectures and always warned me when the pubs were opening. He was there when I met my wife, when I started my job and when I got married...

Then, during our holiday last year; we were enjoying the sights of New York together, when suddenly he flickered and died. He was such a good friend he had never even told me he was ill...

That was six months ago and not a day has past since when I have not glanced at my wrist, expecting to see him smiling back at me, his face lit up with digital chronography...

Ever since he passed away his empty shell has lain in state on my bed-side table. People tell me I should replace the battery, but that would be like trying to replace a soul. Someday, when the mourning is over, I may decide to get another watch; but not yet... the pain of loss is still too real...

Somehow, strangely inspired by:
♫ Astronaut by Amanda Palmer ♫

The Rogue Players - Watch Me...

Macro Mondays

Sunday, 23 January 2011

escape to the country...

escape to the country..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.
365:2011 - 23nd January 2011 - Day 23 of 365

Had a nice Sunday lunch out with my family today. Afterwards I went for a drive. Due to the cloud cover it was getting dark very early, but I managed to get some shots before I lost the light entirely...

Accompanied by, the awesome:
♫ Let's Get Out Of This Country by Camera Obscura ♫

how much effort could it possibly take...

365:2011 - 22nd January 2011 - Day 22 of 365

Kate and I went into Gloucester City Centre and Docks today. Whilst there we bought a door (exciting!) and I took lots of photos I didn't like... pfft...
Gloucester was a nasty as ever... I know you should love the place you were born, raised and reside in, and in some ways I do, but I truly think that the not-so-fair City of Gloucester could be twinned with Mos Eisley... The new signs could read:

Welcome to Gloucester - A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

(Kate tells me that I actually love Gloucester... and should stop moaning about it just because I'm in a miserable mood... ;)

Accompanied by:
♫ To Save Me by M Ward ♫

Friday, 21 January 2011

lunchtime apocalypse...

lunchtime apocalypse..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 21st January 2011 - Day 21 of 365

Today I went for a photo-hunting drive at lunchtime, found a picturesque hill with sheep, frost, trees, clouds and other things then rattled off a few shots. I could hear some Chinook helicopters in the distance, recognised by their distinctive sound (Yes, I am that sad...). I looked around but decided they must of past on the other side of the hill... Suddenly, they appeared in my viewfinder... Yay! There were actually three of them, but one flew behind me...

Happy Weekend People!

Accompanied by:
♫ Helicopter by Bloc Party ♫

Thursday, 20 January 2011

the child with the man in his eyes...

365:2011 - 20th January 2011 - Day 20 of 365

This is Zac. He is a mentalist... just like his Dad...

Post and run tonight. It's Kate's Birthday!

Title inspired by:
♫ The Man With The Child In His Eyes by Kate Bush ♫

Our Daily Challenge - The New One - Begins With I (Infant)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

the smell of leaf mould and the sweetness of decay...

365:2011 - 19th January 2011 - Day 19 of 365

I managed to have a quick walk around a local orchard at lunch time. Lots of mud, not very attractive, so I post processed it... I post processed it a lot... Perhaps too much...

Accompanied by:
♫ The Trees by Pulp ♫

The Daily Shoot - Path, road, or trail

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

that's no moon...

that's no moon..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 18th January 2011 - Day 18 of 365

I took a few photos of the moon... this one came out the best... I have to say that I'm very, very impressed with my new uber-zoom lens...

Accompanied by:
♫ Man On The Moon by R.E.M ♫

The Rogue Players - Let's Moon Each Other

Psst... It's not really the moon... it's a moon shaped stress-ball placed on a t-shirt with stars on it...

Monday, 17 January 2011

hot, english & topless...

hot, english & topless..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.
365:2011 - 17th January 2011 - Day 17 of 365

A full day of training today and one of the other people being trained kept calling everything "mustard"...

As in good, not as food. Naming or calling something 'mustard' means it is good.

I'm not sure I've ever heard it used like this before... but maybe I just forgot... Anyhoo, I think it must have been playing on my mind as I thought about potential photos...

Accompanied by:
♫ Hot Soft Light by The Hold Steady ♫

Our Daily Challenge - The New One - Topless Without People

Sunday, 16 January 2011

bleak trees...

bleak trees..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 16th January 2011 - Day 16 of 365

A restful, rainy, windy Sunday. I've not really done a lot today but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it... We intended to go for a walk, but the wind and the rain soon put an end to that idea... Instead, we had a very brief drive, just so I could get a couple of shots for 365...

Accompanied by (one of my all-time faves):
♫ Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead ♫

Flickr Group Roulette - Slider Sunday

Our Daily Challenge - The New One - Afternoon

Saturday, 15 January 2011


tribute³..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 15th January 2011 - Day 15 of 365

A few weeks ago; top Flickr buddy and fellow 365er, ~cynthiak~, completed her 365. Today's photo is a tribute to her tribute to A Portrait of a Man by Jan Van Eyck. That is a lot of tributes... but I hope you kept up...

It's my first SP of this 365... it took ages and my turban wrapping skills clearly need some work...

Reminded me of (because the "turban" is Kate's skirt...):
♫ Pencil Skirt by Pulp ♫

The Rogue Players - It's A Cyn

Friday, 14 January 2011

fenced in...

fenced in..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 14th January 2011 - Day 14 of 365

I went for a walk in the rain today, just to try and get a photo in daylight. I wandered around the (flooded) river-banks of Tewkesbury, got muddy, got damp and got windswept... and then got some funny looks back at the office, when I eventually returned...

That is Tewkesbury Abbey in the background.

Happy Friday People!

It just had to be:
♫ Fences by Phoenix ♫

Fence Friday

Thursday, 13 January 2011


repeat..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 13th January 2011 - Day 13 of 365

Unfortunately today is another picture of the kindle, that's two in nine days... is this obsession? Or maybe just a sign of critically low inspiration levels? Either way, I look forward to having some free time in daylight... something that is in short supply during the weeks of winter.

That said; I am not unhappy with this, I suppose it is a little different to the last shot and I like the textures.

One photo a day... easy. as. pie. (or not...)

Ironically accompanied by:
♫ Once and Never Again by The Long Blondes ♫

The Daily Shoot - Tag

/tæg/ –noun
1. a piece or strip of strong paper, plastic, metal, leather, etc., for attaching by one end to something as a mark or label.

formula one...

formula one..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 12th January 2011 - Day 12 of 365

Just a quick one tonight. Skittles started again (woot)... and we won (woot)... but busyness has meant little time for commenting (sorry)...

Anyhoo... along with Jim, Eva and Tyla I have decided to try and stretch my photography skills (or lack thereof) by joining Lighting Essentials - Project 52:

For Assignment One I need a mission statement... So here it is (drunkenly composed post skittles...):

"Photography provides me with a creative outlet from not-so-creative-anymore career. It makes me happy, it keeps me vaguely sane and I want to get better at it...."

Accompanied by:
♫ The Chain by Fleetwood Mac ♫

The Daily Shoot - Shiny

Our Daily Challenge - The New One - Focal Point

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


drained..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 11th January 2011 - Day 11 of 365

I think this photo describes exactly how I feel today... not wet... not shiny... not even a bit dark... just drained...

To top it all off; the CV joint of my car is knackered... so I need to drop it off at a mechanic... I have a noisy squealing and grinding drive ahead of me there... and probably a large bill at the other end...

Accompanied by:
♫ Drain You by Nirvana ♫

The Daily Shoot - Liquid

Monday, 10 January 2011

put your boots back on...

put your boots back on..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 10th January 2011 - Day 10 of 365

The most patriotic shoes I have ever owned... patriotic to where exactly is quite a long list... basically anywhere with a red, white and blue flag...

In fact; today I choose to be patriotic to Samoa...

These are a pain to get on and off because of all of the eyelets. They are also covered in what ever the black gunk is that covers the floor of The Two Pigs in Cheltenham...

Inspired by:
♫ Eleanor Put Your Boots On by Franz Ferdinand ♫

Flickr Group Roulette - Get Patriotic

Sunday, 9 January 2011

reach for the bright side...

365:2011 - 9th January 2011 - Day 9 of 365

Although I was battling with a hangover from a (good) night out to celebrate a friend's birthday; Kate and I managed to get out of the house and go for a walk in Blaisdon, the village where my Dad grew up. It was a lovely, sunny afternoon and, once again, I took lots of shots... and some were OK...

From nowhere I seem to have a bit of a thing for flare going on at the moment... I also seem to be drawn to 16:9 crops... Weird huh?

Reminded me of:
♫ Light and Day by The Polyphonic Spree ♫

The Rogue Players - Sunshine Sundays

Our Daily Challange - The New One - Tree

take me to the river...

take me to the river..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 8th January 2011 - Day 8 of 365

As Kate has gone to London today to see the Queen, I went for a walk with my camera along the River Severn. I had an idea of the shot I want to take before I left, but I stupidly chose the wrong bank for what I wanted...

However, I still took a huge number of shots and there are a few I like. I think I liked this one the best. I'll probably post some others at a later date.

This was taken at Arlingham...

Reminded me of:
♫ Take Me To The River - My favourite version is by Taking Heads... I think♫

P.S. Kate is not visiting the Queen... just a friend...

Friday, 7 January 2011

boggy marsh...

boggy marsh..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 7th January 2011 - Day 7 of 365

I think I spoke too soon yesterday: Not really happy with this but tomorrow is another 365 day...

Happy Weekend!

Reminded me of:
♫ Lump by The Presidents of the USA ♫

Thursday, 6 January 2011

it was a five pip race...

it was a five pip race..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 6th January 2011 - Day 6 of 365

I think I might be getting back in the 365 routine: Even after a long day, I thought of a photo, set-up a photo, took a photo and all in fairly good time... We'll have more of that then please...

Photo inspired by a Sherlock Holmes short story; The Five Orange Pips by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Accompanied by:
♫ Apples and Oranges by Dogs Die In Hot Cars ♫

The Rogue Players - A Study In Roguishness

Flickr Group Roulette - Sherlock Holmes

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

electronic reading glasses...

365:2011 - 5th January 2011 - Day 5 of 365

This is my Kindle... Kate bought it me for Christmas and it is part of my efforts to stop filling our house with books. I love it. I love it a lot... The lightsource is from the Kindle's cover. Without the glasses it would be almost useless to me...

Anyhoo... Taking shots of anything is much harder than I thought it would be... I almost pine for the days of easy selfies...

Inspired by:
♫ Book Of Stories by The Drums ♫

The Daily Shoot - Mundane and Ordinary Objects

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

spring kitchen...

spring kitchen..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 4th January 2011 - Day 4 of 365

Lacking inspiration I took a tour around the building site that is our kitchen... Trev the carpenter had used this clamp to hold the cupboard together... I liked the spring...

My first day back at work today, following a fortnight on holiday...

Tired. Miserable.

That is all.

Sounds like (if you squint your ears...):
♫ Spring Chicken by The Brakes ♫

The Daily Shoot - Diagonal Line

Monday, 3 January 2011

preserving the old ways...

preserving the old ways..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 3rd January 2011 - Day 3 of 365

This came out little more clichéd than I intended but Cotswold cottages, in the snow, do tend to lean heavily toward the clichéd end of the spectrum...

Today, Kate and I went for a walk in Bibury, a picturesque village in the Cotswolds. As we got up into the hills the snow started to come down. It is actually snowing in the picture, which has given it a slightly blurry look.

These cottages are owned by The National Trust, a charity that buys and preserves historic sites and buildings around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Normal people get to live in these but they must follow strict rules about decorating and modernisation. i.e. all doors must be painted an approved colour, in order to be in-keeping with the period in which they were built.

That is Kate in the red coat.

Back to work tomorrow after over a fortnight off... ho hum...

Reminded me of:
♫ The Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks ♫

Sunday, 2 January 2011


cleanse..., originally uploaded by ChernobylBob.

365:2011 - 2nd January 2011 - Day 2 of 365

I'm out of inspiration on the second day of a 365 project... this is not good... hopefully inspiration will start to flow once I settle into the project.

I was drawn to the textures of the body cleaning thing that Kate uses in the shower. I would never use anything so un-manly... but I thought it would make a neat photo.

I couldn't decide between black and white and colour, so I posted the colour version below.

Feeling a bit ropey today, hopefully I'll be able to fight whatever it is off before work on Tuesday.

Yesterday's shot got explored... it's funny how 365 get explored so much easier than "normal" shots. Still enjoying a photo a day... also liking writing a little bit more on the blog as a sort of diary.

Currently reading: Crossroads of Twilight: The Wheel of Time: Book Ten

Last Film Watched: - Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - Pretty awesome 8/10.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

out on the wiley, windy moors...

I noticed that once I'd finished my previous 365 project I could go for weeks without picking up my beloved camera. It seemed that without a daily reason to use it, I could always find something "better" to do with my time...

Unfortunately, I had not factored in the stabilising role that photography had taken in my life. I had all of this "free" time on my hands but my sanity once again began to slip away. It was unnoticeable at first, but slowly the volume of the soundtrack in my head increased, my mumbling became more frequent, a blind fury of rage was stirring deep inside... Something had to be done and I know, that in my case, creativity kills craziness...

So here I am; back on the 365 wagon, holding on for grim death and not entirely sure that the next pothole won't shake me off... but hey; one down, only 364 to go!

Ready for the new 365 challenge and full of bacon, optimism and the previous nights booze, Kate and I went for a walk up to Belas Knap, a neolithic long barrow, near Cheltenham. It was a misty, rainy walk. I took lots of photos, we got very wet.

This was one of my favourites of those I took; a family just emerging from the mist. I have started to process a few of the others and may post them when I get around to it... (I believe I already mentioned about the free-time/365 see-saw.)